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Sufi Ecstatic Dance

Inspired by ancient Sufi ceremonies, this powerful contemporary Sufi meditation practice takes you on a journey that awakens the energy centers in the body and initiates ecstasy. It includes various phases, beginning with the activation of these centers, followed by Sufi breathwork, culminating in the mesmerizing Sufi Whirling meditation and ending in Ecstatic Dance.

Ahasveros leads through breathwork and whirling meditation, while Momo energizes participants through the musical journey and Ecstatic Dance.

The Lovers

Amore Momo and Ahash are known for initiating healing vortexes and oceans of love. They both possess highly active heart chakras, emitting the frequency of love.


Momo’s medicine is his ability to bring the energy in a space into deep Heart-connection. He guides with softness and simplicity and creates an environment that feels true and safe for those in it.

He serves his purpose of connecting people to their Heart through Sound Healing, Inner Child Activation, Embodied Heart Connection (a practice he developed which combines Movement, Conscious Intimacy and Breathwork), through creating deep Ecstatic Dance journeys and through Sacred Cacao Ceremonies.

Momo has a profound relationship with the plant medicine of Cacao, and is dedicated to serving Her in his very unique way.

His deep commitment to the Way of Love is expanded by being a loving father to two beautiful Light Beings and he pours out this Love into every thing he does.

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Ahash Xerxes Ahasveros is a traveller between diverse worlds and dimensions. He has an interdisciplinary background in eastern & western psychology, mysticism and healing practices.

Born in Tehran in 1978 and raised in Europe, he began his quest for self-discovery and healing at a young age. He traveled the world as a “barefoot doctor” and immersed himself in various ashrams and retreat centers, while also studying counseling, traditional oriental medicine, breathwork, constellation work, and dream work. Additionally, he conducted scientific research in Transpersonal Psychology, Holotropic Breathwork, and altered states of consciousness.

His focus is in creating healing spaces through different technics in which people can experience holotropic altered states and heal.

He is based in the Algarve and Athens and works as a transpersonal counsellor, meditation teacher and healing work facilitator.

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